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My Daily Umrah Diary Sheet

When you’re going on a trip of a lifetime, how do you make your memories last forever?

As you all know now from my Instagram feed, we’re off to make Umrah in a few days in sha Allah and we are taking all three kids with us. They’re aged 8ish, 4 and a half, and 2ish, so I want to make sure they get the most out of this trip and it doesn’t fade away, like many childhood experiences can if they’re not recorded somehow.

So the idea I came up with is this, a simple A4 printable diary sheet with lots of space to record exactly what kids (maybe even grown ups?) experience, love, learn and want to make memories of while on Umrah.

It’s got room for some planning in the morning, then at the end of the day you can fill in everything you found memorable. There’s plenty of space on the back for drawings and notes which is useful for younger kids, especially like Little Miss who loves to draw pictures. If you’re planning a trip soon then download this sheet and take a few copies with you.

EDIT: The sheet is now available as part of an Umrah Journal Kit! Please click here to check it out in more detail and purchase for your journey.

In sha Allah using this on a daily basis will help them make lasting and meaningful memories while they are still fresh in their impressionable young minds. When you return, collect them all together in a small folder or bind them with a stapler. It’ll be something special to look back on and cement what they learnt while they were on Umrah.

Use this for your kids or for yourself, spread this page far and wide to whoever you know may find it beneficial, and please make dua it becomes a source of ongoing sadaqah for you and us.

Love and duas, Sadaff xx

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