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3 amazing customers who inspired us with their stories

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Salaam peeps, I hope your summer's going well. Ours has flown by and now there’s only two weeks until Eid again!

As promised last time, I wanted to share 3 amazing customer stories over Ramadhan. Writing this brings a huge smile to my face. I feel blessed and humbled by the power of using crafts to engage with children about Islam. This was the reason we set up Live Love Gift and this is a very special post.

1. How creativity and crafts supported learning

Our first big order came from the Saturday madrassah that Big and Little Miss attend. It’s set up exactly like a good school with a fantastic syllabus, teachers and culture.

They treated students to our Ramadhan Calendar craft kits in class just before the blessed month started. The Principal summed up why: “In our Islamic studies syllabus we cover the 5 pillars of Islam. In the run up to Ramadhan we try to promote an air of excitement and the same throughout Ramadhan for Eid. These craft kits are the perfect way to encourage children to be involved in Ramadhan and also help them to understand that it is not only for adults but that they can join in too. And that it is fun!”

"Craft activities had a huge impact on me and it was so promising to see similar memories and lessons for these kids too"

At pick up that day I saw kids walking out with their calendars looking so excited and showing them off to their parents. Some were already eager to fill them with sweets and thinking of the best place to hang them up!

Looking back to my own school days, the lessons that still stay with me are the practical ones, where there was something to make or do. Crafts had a huge impact on my childhood. It's a renowned method of learning and it was so promising to see that same excitement in these kids too.


[Also see this great article about promoting creativity in education].

2. Giving cards helped to return an identity

Another special customer bought a few sets of mini Eid cards to give to her many kids… We later found out she was actually a social worker and referring to the children in her care! Some had been in her care for years and sadly, she was often the only consistent personal or professional contact they had. She wanted to give them cards as a way of bringing Eid into their lives.

Stats show BME families are few and far between on the adoption/foster registers and this often means Muslim children are placed with non-Muslim families. Here, her kids didn't have much exposure to Islam and occasions like Eid. Starting with a small gesture of giving cards, she wanted to connect them back to a Muslim identity again. May Allah bless her endeavours abundantly and reward her.

[Find out more about adopting a child].

3. Eid presents showed solidarity, love and care

This customer contacted us at the very last minute! I’d posted out last orders on the Friday before Eid. Then numerous messages, a few phone calls and two hours later I was back off to the Post Office with two hundred mini Eid cards headed to London the next morning.

The Lantern of Knowledge Relief Trust found us when they were working with Al Manaar MCHC on a very special project. Anyone who knows this mosque will already have heard of the amazing work they do. That weekend, they were distributing hundreds of Eid presents donated by the community to the residents of Grenfell Tower.

Subhan Allah. It was so humbling to learn about this and the potential for our cards giving even momentary solace to some of the residents' Eid, following their tragedy.

Amazing, overwhelming start...

Every one of our customers has a story that we're so proud to be a part of. Alhamduliah, within our first month LLG reached places we couldn’t have imagined.

Please share your story in the comments below or leave us feedback.

May Allah always ground our venture in the path of Islam and continue to make this a source of reward for us and for all who support us. Ameen x

Next time...

Check back for 10 ways to Bring Back Big Eid. It’s called ‘Big’ for a reason you know! x

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