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Get Ready for Eid

Soooo the weekend is here and already halfway gone, and I'm nowhere closer to ticking anything off my Eid to do list. Here's my plan.

Lists, lists, lists...

I'm personally a list lover. If there is such a thing. Actually I'm sure there is, I've got an app for it. I used to scribble them down on good old fashioned note paper and then tick (read scribble out repeatedly) as I got stuff done.

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Recently Hubby convinced me to go digital and put it all through Trello so we could share and sync lists and most of the time it works really well. Except this year where I've not managed to set up a Ramadhan/Eid list yet!

"how many 'best teacher ever' mugs do you think they get every year?"

Seeing as this list only lives in my head right now it might be wise to get it out here and offer up my thoughts on how to get through the next week.

  • I need to write out my Eid cards. Big Miss has done hers and Little Miss might need some help with a couple.

  • I also need to buy all the kids' presents yet. Cutting it very fine on this one, I know. All I can say is Alhamdulillah for the next day delivery at Amazon Prime.

  • Then of course there's wrapping them up. I tend to get carried away here and turn gift wrapping into a sport. Maybe this time I'll be a little more efficient. Still, you can't help being inspired by these amazing tips from the lovely, creative people at Muslimgiftguide.

  • There's the school goodie bags to make up plus presents for the teachers as it's almost end of the year too. Hah, how many 'best teacher ever' mugs do you think they get every year? If there are any teachers reading, please let me know what gifts you would really like!

  • And my biggest challenge of the weekend is setting up decorations and presents. You see, this time last year our tree (yes tree!) was up already and nicely building up a pile of presents around for our three plus two cousins. Amazingly, they were left untouched until an adult said they could now officially open them on Eid evening.

This year, Baby is on the move. And that changes everything.

Baby proofing...

There is no space under 1m high that he hasn't conquered. Even if it's been baby proofed. For heights above 1m, he just discovered yesterday he can turn anything into a make shift stool and reach an extra foot or two. To give you an example, just this morning he helped himself to a red onion from the fridge. And devoured it. There is no stopping this boy.

So what about all the decorations? Big Miss has already made bunting, we have a moonlight which hasn't made it out of the loft yet for fear of being destroyed and of course there's the presents.

I've finished all my out and about errands now. It's time to head home and tackle this list. Cleaning and cooking can wait till next weekend. For now, I'm all about getting Eid ready.

Subscribe to our blog if you haven't already and read back next week to see what I managed to get done. And what Baby managed to undo.

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