Ramadan Calendar – Daily Deeds

Desktop Ramadan calendar full of daily deeds to inspire and prompt the whole family

Ramadan Calendar – Daily Deeds

  • The best-selling calendar from Live Love Gift and Poppetry is back, bigger, and better!


    Version 2.0 has had a design makeover with a charcoal grey theme lifted by hints of warm neutrals and pays homage to the moon with a stunning rose gold foil finish on the front cover. There are more detailed daily prompts, reminding you to follow sunnahs of the Prophet, acts of kindness as well as references to the pillars of Islam. 


    It now has a built-in sturdy base that makes it easy to display anywhere and make a beautiful focal point of your Ramadan decor, and as it’s suitable for all ages it will engage the whole family to make a meaningful part of your daily Ramadan routine.


    Best used as part of the Ramadan Essentials Toolkit. Part of the #planpromptplay collaboration by Live Love Gift x Poppetry. LIMITED QUANTITIES – Snap it up before it sells out again!