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Creating Islamic stationery and paper products with great design aesthetics... it's in the name really! Our brand values are important to us and shape everything we do. Read on to understand our intentions.

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We embrace modern graphics

Great aesthetics are key for our designs, so we promise our ranges will always be unique, contemporary and quirky. Our stationery will level up your gifting game and make your recipients go wow!

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We are focussed

Ramadan and Eid are the gifts that come every year, so let’s be prepared for them. We promise to launch our products ahead of time and encourage you to get organised early for Eid so you can focus on ibadah when it’s most valuable.

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We are kind to our planet 

Our Earth is our amanah, so we promise to look after it. We design our paper products with  multiple uses, as keepsakes and even try to make them re-usable. Our packaging is minimal and fuss-free, reusable, recycled, recyclable or biodegradable wherever possible.

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We love to give back

We say Alhamdulilah for the blessings we have and always remember that gifting is a privilege to be able to afford. We promise to support local and UK based charities with our zakat as well as driving social campaigns throughout the season to encourage you to get involved.

a brand with real people behind it.

Live Love Gift is a small and mighty Muslim brand through which I aim to make Ramadan and Eid more exciting and engaging.  Especially, for kids and growing minds. Living in the west, we're accustomed to many attractive visual cultures and I want to bring that same excitement to our Islamic celebrations.

I create all our products with a modern design aesthetic that raises the standard of Islamic stationery and reflects what we expect from mainstream brands. When we have an identity we are proud of, we're more confident to express it. Quality lifestyle products are a way  to feel more engaged with our occasions therefore nurturing a better connection and love for Islam.

My team is very much our young family supported and encouraged by lots of close family and friends. Our three kids are the inspiration and driving force behind what I do. They're inquisitive and excited mini Muslims that are always eager to get involved with new products and ideas.

My better half is my go-to for anything business and tech related which leaves me, the creative brain! I have a degree in Design and Art Direction and before the entrepreneur life chose me, I built up years of experience in Magazine and Editorial design. Being creative runs through my veins and I'm always working on an idea that puts these skills to use.


Live Love Gift is constantly evolving and adapting, and I'm excited to keep pushing it to be your go-to for contemporary Islamic stationery. We all love a little gifting and giving right?! Let's be sure to do it in style and celebrate the good times we've been blessed with.

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