Our goal is to design and make products that help you engage with Islam through creative crafts and activities, and 

celebrate an Islamic lifestyle with contemporary greeting cards, stationery and unique gifts with a modern design aesthetic.

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Salaam! We haven’t met properly yet have we? Let me introduce us. 

As a small organisation, we want to do our bit to make living and learning about Islam more fun and engaging. Especially, for young children. We live in a world full of exciting visual cultures and we want to use this to help us to achieve our goal of engaging everyone on their path of learning through interactive crafts and activities. We also create all our products with a modern design aesthetic that raises the standard of Islamic stationery and reflects what we are used to from mainstream brands. With an identity we are proud of, we want to play a part in helping all Muslims to embrace, celebrate and strengthen our love for Islam.

Our team is very much our young family supported and encouraged by lots of close family and friends. We have Big Miss, Little Miss and Jojo, who are the inspiration and driving force behind what we do. They're inquisitive and excited mini Muslims that are always eager to engage with Islam through crafts. My hubby, known in our household as 'Baba' is a Business Architect by day and a digital technogeek by night, the perfect combination to keep me on track and running smoothly online. That leaves me, 'Mama!' I trained in Design & Art Direction, and being creative runs through my veins so I'm always working on an idea that uses these skills to make products and campaigns.


There’s an old Islamic saying, ‘The child and his heart are like a land with no seeds or plants. Whatever seed one casts therein, it will take root’. Whatever we immerse and expose our children to now will stay with them forever, so what better time to grow their love for Allah and His message? And there's no better place to start than our wonderful celebrations of Ramadan and Eid!

The ethos behind Live Love Gift has borne from how we have approached our own children's Islamic education, so it's been in the making for a few years and in sha Allah it will continue to develop with your suggestions, duas and feedback. Please keep in touch with us via our social media pages where we’ll share our experiences as a young family, and hope to see you enjoying your journey too. 


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