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a brand with real people behind it.

And real people love real stories, so let me tell you a short version of ours. A year before Live Love Gift was officially born, we designed and sold some Eid cards for a Ramadan fundraiser. They were a hit, sold out, and we smashed the target Alhamdulillah! But little did we know, we'd just created a product people didn't know they were missing. 

A year later before the next Ramadan, we were being asked for the cards again. Even our eldest kid who was now in school wanted cards to write to her friends. They had been so well received​, and given the unique, contemporary designs, they were high in demand. And so it began... Live Love Gift was born in 2017. 

Five years (and a pandemic) have seen the brand experiment and grow organically, develop a niche and achieve global reach with our stockist family. It's been a huge learning experience, about the stationery world and about ourselves as entrepreneurs, and now feels like the right time to pause, reflect and plan for the future. Ramadan and Eid are such valuable moments; we're looking forward to enjoying them very differently this year for a change, before we come up with a plan for 2023. Until then, keep us in your duas!

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(Want to chat about business stuff? Drop us an email, we're open to discussion)

a brand with values.

Creating Islamic stationery and paper products with great design aesthetics... it's in the name really! Our brand values are important to us and shape everything we do. Read on to understand our intentions.

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We embrace modern graphics

Great aesthetics are key for our designs, so we promise our ranges will always be unique, contemporary and quirky. Our stationery will level up your gifting game and make your recipients go wow!

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We are focussed

Ramadan and Eid come every year, so let’s be prepared for them. We promise to launch our products early so you can shop early and focus on your worship when it’s most valuable.

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We are kind to our planet 

Our Earth is our amanah, so we promise to look after it. We design our products with multiple uses and our packaging is minimal, reusable, recycled, recyclable or biodegradable wherever possible.

We love to give back

We say Alhamdulilah for our blessings and always remember that gifting is a privilege to have. We promise to support local and UK charities with our zakat as well as driving social campaigns.

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